Education for the Future

At Choice, we believe that great things are possible when people come together with a shared set of values and strive for excellence in the attainment of their common goals.

That’s why professional development is one of our most robust values. Choice supports the entire associate life cycle from clearly defined competencies that create a common language and guide, to development planning and career framework.


Ready, Set, Learn

Curious about our development opportunities? Look below.

Ascending Leaders

  • Transforms functional managers to business leaders
  • Solve real business issues mandated by senior leaders at Choice Hotels
  • Develop your leadership legacy and maintain authenticity


  • Utilizes internal and external coaches to develop Choice Leaders
  • Uses principles of InsideOut Coaching
  • Teaches how to hold meaningful conversations, deliver effective feedback, and create ownership of shared goals

Leadership Foundations

  • Year-long people manager program that focuses on leading yourself and others
  • Aligns the skills and competencies that leaders need
  • Participants meet on a regular basis to gain a foundation of development, combined with experiences that outline what required leadership competencies

Change Management

  • Navigate change using Prosci’s ADKAR model
  • Provides knowledge, ability, and reinforcement to support individuals as they manage numerous changes
  • Change Champion network continually immersed in new knowledge about how to strategically support change

Emerging Leaders

  • Year-long program develops next generation of Choice Leaders
  • Participants meet on a regular basis to learn, connect, and develop skills and competencies
  • Focuses on leadership style, awareness, and development