Mission, Vision & Values

Connect the world through the power of hospitality.

We bring together the people, brands and technology that enable the success of others—welcoming every guest, every partner, everywhere their journey takes them.

We believe that great things are possible when people work toward common goals with a shared set of values and principles. That's why we've looked long and worked hard to define and articulate our common values and performance principles—the things that shape who we are, how we do business, and how we define success.

We exist to create value for our shareholders through a hotel franchise enterprise by providing franchisees a sustainable, highly-scalable success system, with brands desired by consumers and investing intelligently in new advantageous growth areas.

We provide the people, brands, technology and processes that attract guests and allow franchisees to prosper. We invest in both existing lines of business and future growth alternatives. And we behave in a collaborative manner designed to drive results through leadership, performance excellence and enterprise-wide accountability.

Choice Cultural Values

Hover over a value to discover more.

Take a genuine interest in others and treat them accordingly.

Include everyone. Avoid sameness.

Be authentic, transparent and consistent and require the same of others.

Put the customer at the center of all decisions.

Be open and creative. Consider alternative possibilites.

Consider, involve, and support all stakeholders.

Drive for continuous improvement and goal attainment.

Make decisions; then act.