Our talented team is the key to Choice Hotels’ continued long-term growth, making us a company you can join with confidence and pride. But don’t just take our word for it—read what our associates and leaders have to say about working here.

Denise │ Director, Tax Accounting & Policy

Make It Your Choice: Family & Flexibility

Choice gave me the flexibility to maintain a full-time job, earn my master’s, and have a third child…at once. Beyond work-life balance, Choice also encourages you to explore different paths—even those beyond your degree. There are always opportunities to go beyond the status quo at Choice.

Kitti │ Sr. Analyst, Distribution Strategy

Inclusion & Diversity

Growing up in another country, I felt restricted by societal expectations—I wanted to write, paint, and travel, but I couldn’t. When I moved to the United States and started working for Choice, I talked to HR about starting the Toastmaster’s Club to focus on public speaking. They were very supportive. Choice continually invests in our associates—not just in their talents, but in what matters to them. As a woman, a minority, and an immigrant, I’ve never felt that my opportunities were limited because of who I am. It’s an inspiring place to work.

Ashley │ Manager, Test Engineering

Project Mobility & Career Growth

Choice is focused on self-development. If you want to get a certification or attend a training or conference, they’re open to it. Managers are invested in understanding where employees want to go and helping them get there—even if it’s a different team. The Project Mobility program allows you to try a different job to see if it’s a good fit, which is how I moved from Customer Relations to Test Engineering. Choice is special because of that flexibility—everyone is encouraged to explore opportunities and grow in their careers.

Saurin │ Sr. Director, Digital Analytics

Balance & Values

Our leadership really respects work-life balance. It almost feels like a startup, where you can drive ideas and be part of a great success story. My quality of life has improved so much since I joined Choice. They’re flexible with hours, so I can still pick up my kids. It’s a great feeling to be part of an organization that’s so driven by values and principles. I would encourage anyone to be part of it. It’s not just a career opportunity—it’s a learning opportunity…to become a better businessperson. And even beyond that, to be a better person and to learn from the smart people around you.