Leading the Way at Choice & Beyond

We’re committed to building a diverse team and a work environment that’s inclusive of people of all backgrounds. Get to know the wonderful associates who are building our systems, supporting our partners, and connecting the world though the power of hospitality both at and outside of work. As you know, being bold is one of our core values, and here at Choice, our associates are not only bold leaders within the company but also outside the office.

Photo of Ramya and her two daugthers

Ramya Potaraju

I lead a team of amazing automation, security, and performance engineers in the Test Engineering department. We are always thinking of ways to improve quality and decrease delivery time. Our team works on many exciting projects, such as AWS, Harness (CI/CD), and AI/ML.

Outside of work, I like to read and stay in sync with the latest technologies. I also teach a Bollywood dance class and perform in charity events across the valley. My daughters (ages eight and four) keep me on my toes, and I enjoy volunteering at their school whenever possible.

Image of Alexis with baseball glove

Alexis Sargent

At Choice, I’ve had the opportunity to work on many BOLD projects, including the recent development and launch of Rocketfuel—an innovative tool that allows us to open hotels sooner and bring additional revenue to the company.

Outside of Choice, I’ve had the honor of continuing my athletic career and playing with many strong, bold, and talented young women on the softball field. Seeing the incredible feats these women have accomplished both on and off the field has inspired me to “stay in the game” in more ways than one! And, while it may be hard to play like I used to, the hard is what makes it great.

Image of Maraina and her family

Maraina Ruppert

I’m working on a new rate plan launch for Choice Privileges allowing more discount and flash sale capabilities! My other focus is optimizing and revitalizing our existing CP member touchpoints, approaching them from an integrated perspective in order to keep our loyal members engaged and booking. These focus areas really come to fruition in our annual Members Only Madness campaign.

Outside of work, I am a mom to two crazy little blondes and a new puppy (definitely a “YOLO” decision). I’m a daily user of the GlobalFit program with my morning Gold’s visits, but no organized sporting events just yet. I am also part of a group at Choice that is working with the Cummins Leadership Foundation as recipients of the Volunteer Grant Program and planning a book party for underserved local students.

Sonia Egyhazy

I lead the Cambria development team at Choice. In 2015, I joined the team as an individual contributor, responsible for growing the Cambria brand within the Mid-Atlantic region. I was promoted to manage the team and oversee development efforts throughout the country at the beginning of last year. My role in development—to lead the team responsible for sourcing and closing the best projects and sponsors for the brand—is challenging and rewarding. When I came to Choice, the Cambria brand had fewer than 20 open hotels in the portfolio, and we were signing on 5-10 new developments per year; now we have over 50 hotels open with a robust pipeline behind it and consistently sign up approximately 30 highly qualified projects per year. The phenomenal people on my team, momentum of our growth, tangible results of our efforts, and overall value we create for the company makes my work incredibly exciting.

Six years prior to joining the company, I started practicing yoga. My yoga practice has transformed from something I would do occasionally as a form of exercise to an integral cornerstone in my daily life—not just as a practitioner and yoga teacher, but as a person. The time I spend on my mat is much more than building strength and increasing flexibility—it’s an exercise in awareness, observation, discipline, patience, appreciation, and humility. The more I practice, the more I am able to regulate my stress response. Once I experienced these very real and practical benefits within my body and brain chemistry, I knew yoga was always going to be a critical part of my life that I wanted to share with others through classes and other offerings.

Chandra Crowder

As the knowledge and instructional design analyst for the Service Management team, I’m currently working with other teams within Choice to help them onboard their knowledge into ChoiceNow. It’s a bold, new concept for most teams within Choice to house their knowledge in one location, capturing legacy knowledge so it’s not lost when team members transfer or leave Choice. Most teams keep their knowledge in different wikis, SharePoint, or Word documents on someone’s hard drive. Onboarding an entire team and their knowledge into one location where it can be maintained for accuracy and relevancy is a big step toward efficiency, cost savings, and knowledge retention.

In my role as co-chair for Choice PRIDE Phoenix, I get to work with our HR partners, associates, and leaders to help identify educational needs within Choice—specifically regarding equality for LGBTQ associates and their families. In 2019, I applied for a grant with the Board of Directors, and it was approved. We’ll use $15,000 in grant funds to fund improvements to a local LGBTQ youth facility, where Choice volunteers will spend a day volunteering. I’m so proud to work for a company that supports its associates’ participation in local community efforts through volunteer days and the new grant funding program.

In my community, I host two discussion groups within the LGBTQ community, providing a safe space for folks to come together to discuss important topics in their lives. I also teach classes on a variety of alternative lifestyle topics, helping to spread awareness that not everyone does relationships the same way. One of my biggest passions is accepting people as their authentic selves. Many people aren’t even aware that there are alternative ways of self-identifying and intentionally structuring their relationships. The support groups I facilitate help normalize our small community and bring together those community members who may think they are the only ones who are different.

Parvati Das

I enjoy participating in various events at Choice. Aside from leading the tax accounting and compliance functions, I am also a finance lead on AMR. I co-chair the WBA and participate in Toastmasters and CHAAMP. Most recently, I participated in and graduated from a KPMG women’s leadership program. In 2019, I had the honor of being on a panel with other CFOs and VPs for a think tank event hosted by Argyle Forum (2019 CFO Think Tank: Driving Greater Business Impact in the Digital Age). I enjoy taking on challenges, as I believe there’s always something new to learn.

One of the cool projects that I am working on this year is the Room to Give initiative. A few of us have teamed up to partner with a leadership foundation and will be working on book donations to a Title I school. I believe in giving back to the community, and I do so by participating outside of work in a not-for-profit organization in the DC metro area. In 2019, I was a finance lead for a small, cultural not-for-profit organization, where I spearheaded the reinstatement of their 501(c)(3) status.

My kids keep me on my toes! I was a Girl Scout troop leader until last year, and I still remain active with the troop. More recently, we have been going through school redistricting and I’ve been an active participant/voice in this process, including testifying at a public board hearing and meeting with members of the County Council and Montgomery County Public Schools Board of Education. It’s definitely not fun, but it’s worth every minute fighting for quality education for our children. Aside from all of the fun things above, I regain my zen by spending time watching movies, hanging out with friends, trying different cuisines, and cooking.