An Inside Look at Minot

In Minot, being called a "people pleaser" is definitely a compliment. You like to talk on the phone, and you like to hang up knowing the other person is satisfied. You like working with lots of other smart, high-energy, performance driven people. And you like being recognized for a job well done.

What can you expect here?

  • You'll answer calls and make contacts—lots of them.
  • You'll help prospective guests to find a hotel and room that suits their needs and itinerary.
  • You'll coordinate blocks of rooms for group sales.
  • And you'll help reinforce the true value of Choice with travelers across the globe.

What's in it for you?

As a Choice associate, you enjoy a great package of corporate benefits. In Minot, you also get:

  • In Minot we are 100% home-based agents—so you get to design your own office!
  • Day care reimbursement program
  • Fitness reimbursement program

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Living in Minot

Minot is the fourth largest community in the state with a progressive business community. If your style is great quality of life with a high standard of living—a small town environment with big town amenities, super-friendly people, strong values, clean, safe, beautiful setting—Minot has everything you want. Minot is the host of the North Dakota State Fair, cultural events to include the Norsk Hostfest (North America's largest Scandinavian heritage festival), and many recreational opportunities.